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The following is just a small piece of the Post History.  The Post is currently in the process to putting together a detailed history.  If any members of the Post has historical information in the form of text or photo's, please provide and we will include to the Post history.

Notes: Stuttgart American Legion Post GR06 (period 1977-1995)


During year 1977:

The post maintained a post home in Karls Karserne, Ludwigsburg. The Military Community decided to use the building for a local national canteen forcing the post to move.

The post then relocated to a German Gasthaus on Helbronn Str.

The concessionaire left, bills were not paid and funds disappered.

The post again was forced to relocate moving into German Gasthaus called Swabenbrau at the city entrance.

Late 1977 the post held meetings in a Gasthaus by Flak Karserne, Ludwigsburg. (Note: active membership was very low at this time).

Early in 1978 the post worked a program with the Ludwigsburg sports field Verein (club) to use their Gasthaus.   Membership increased greatly primarily to the efforts of Legionaires Don Smith and Martin Ventrone.

At this point in time Post 6 was a driving force in operating the beer tent and food stand (hamburgers, chicken and hotdogs) during the Stuttgart Community fest (Ludwigsburg, Kelly Barracks, Robinson Barracks, Nellingen Barracks, Panzer Kaserne and Patch Barracks) .

The post received many Department and National Awards for participating in the American Legion Programs.   We also sponored the Boy Scout Troop in Pattonville during this period.

The post supported Nurse’s training program (period 1978-1990) by supporting at least 20 young ladies through school.

The average income for a ten day fest for the post was at least $7,000 to $10,000. The 40/8 assisted and received funds from the post for that assistance, this involved all fund raising functions the post was involved in.


Stuttgart Post 6 and Voiture Locale 1524 of the 40/8 attended many Sacred Torch ceremonies all over Europe during the period 1981-1995.


During this period post was going to establish a post home in the Marstall section of Ludwigsburg.  It was to be in the wine cellar of a Gasthaus, and was going to be called the Dugout.   Prior to making the move, members of the post found out that this area was the drug center of Ludwigsburg and decided not to make the move. 


During this period the post made many trips.   They rented buses and took the entire family along on all the memorial ceremonies, traveling as far as to Luxemberg, Belgium, France and local cities in Germany.

The post would also hire a bus for Department DEC's being held in France, Belgium, Norway, traveling with their familes and making it a complete family affair.

From the  period 1990-1995, other POL’s complained about the post operating a food stand and the beer tent during fest causing the post to lose its major fundrasing asset.  The MWR Operations Division claimed that the club system was losing money so MWR started operating all food stands and beverage tent.


During this time the Greater Stuttgart Military was going through major draw downs in the area, closing many Kasernes. 

Due to the draw down and closing of Kasernes, the Post was again forced to relocate.  The Post was offered the use of the Rod & Gun Club house located on Patch Barracks.  Because of the draw down, the active post membership decreased due to the lost activities and departure of troops.


The American Legion Ladies Auxilary was rechartered during the period 1988-1990 ? .   Mrs. Ventrone was president and Mrs. Wiessner vice president.   The Ladies Aux was represented at all events i.e. DECc’s, community fest, Department Conventions and making visits to other post.  The post got rid of the image/name of being nothing but beer drinkers and became a real good family organization.

 The Post also sponsored a live Santa Claus party for ophans from the local Stuttgart area with William Wiessner always playing the part of Saint Nick. .   

Memorial Day: The Post held ceremonies at the different Kasernes and members would visit the grave site of at least one American veteran buried in this area of Germany.

Comrade Jack Koehane, serving as the post Service Officer maintained a list of deceased veterans buried here and kept the list up to date.


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